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Comment: I make most of my comments in

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I make most of my comments in

I make most of my comments in a light hearted way. I never called you any names but I'm referred to as an asshole.

But no worries, I don't take it too seriously =)

I hate sky daddy, the most, the more mystical versions of belief, having seen them for myself, I'm more willing to accept. Once I got so high, I became a slave of my diary. I decided to write down what I would do and also predict what would happen. The predictions were safe at first but then they started getting more elaborate. I realized I was controlling not only my own behaviour but that of others around me...did that mean...I was...a god?

Then I freaked out and washed my face and got back to reality. Interesting, to be sure, but ultimately without much value.

Have a good day man, mine is just ending.