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Once you see it.

"Is the word “too” meaning to include me?"

Once you see it, and you do see it now, the unmistakable fact of it is worthy of note. That is a huge part of what is being called the awakening.

Even the fact that it is being called the awakening is a False Front, or Man of Straw, since the normal human condition is being awake, so the use of the word "awakening" is counterfeit from what would naturally be a more accurate word such as "rescue".

There are so many orders, ordering people to think this, do that, don't think this, and don't do that, whereby those institutionalized orders go against, nullify, weaken, and render powerless the POWER of moral conscience, that a person like you, or me, who still has a working moral conscience orders, with voluntary orders, instead of involuntary orders, thoughts and actions that are meant to rescue people from the involuntary, immoral, institutionalized, counterfeit orders which constitute Legal Crime.

Like saying, hey, look, I have been on the path you are on, and it is a path of ruin, everything is ruined, so you may want to look for a competitive path that goes the other way.

If that is my message and someone else says, in response, hey, your message is a misdirection, and following it is wrong, then, what happens?

If it happens to you, you can see it clearly, no question about it, it is a Man of Straw. The person you are cluing in, the person you are telling the story to, the person who is following false paths, is a person who does not listen when you tell them that they can choose their own path instead, when they tell you that you told them to choose a false path, they confess their falsehoods, since you do the opposite of what they then say you did, in their mind. You can say, in response, no, I said no such thing, I said that you can choose your own path, whatever that may be, and that is what I said, here in black letters on white background, so where, in fact, does the message come from, where you hear someone tell you to follow a false path?

Why blame me?

My message is this:

Voluntary associations are associations made up of nothing but volunteers, which means, by definition, that there are no criminals volunteering to make false volunteers out of their victims.

If someone, anyone, reads my message and returns to me with an accusation of any kind, whereby I am the one who is duped, I am the one suggesting a false path, then the actual source of the false message is accurately traceable to be external to me, who does that leave?

Mike apologized on my forum, and he is back on track, and I can't expect that he will never make the same mistake again, everyone makes this mistake, I do, you do, everyone does, and it takes care, we have to all volunteer to care enough to know better, so it takes care to stop making each other out to be things that we are not, these Men of Straw.

Women of Straw.

My brother Jack is doing the same thing right now, in another form, my brother Jack is shooting the messenger Catherine Fitts, and he may be totally unaware of how destructive that can be if he allows himself to be led down that path.

So far.

How deep does the falsehood go, and it is not an awakening from it that has to be done, it is a rescue of our souls, our moral conscience, which is occurring in a measurable way, this so called awakening.

That is my viewpoint, voluntarily offered to anyone who cares to listen.

Who cares to listen?

If it is a true viewpoint, then you can see it, yes or no?

How about maybe?

"I am just expressing my opinions, trying to learn and understand your point of view and reaping the benefits of this mutual voluntary exchange in which costs are involved as well, and wondering if you are still talking to me after me sending you that cartoon?"

Ellen DeGeneres is the voice of the character with a bad memory.

Ellen is a homosexual of extreme power in Monopoly Mass Media capacity. She has, like Oprah, Dr. Phil, and now Alex Jones, a capacity to reach many people all at once, to send messages to all those people all at once.

What does degenerate mean?

That is what I was thinking when you sent me that link to that cartoon.

I sent you a Mr. Wizard link, and you send me a link about a forgetful fish and a fish that lost his son.

You sent me on a long thought process having to do with the concept of a "theme".

Do you remember in HIGH school, you know, the place you go to get HIGH, where the teachers were asking what the students thought about the book, if the students "got it"?

Did you get the "theme" of the book, student?

Jack, my brother, goes on a tirade about Catherine Fitts, having to do with her association with the Money Changers, a high paid authority, according to Jack, as Fitts is one of them, and therefore, according to Jack, whatever she says is suspect; and probably false, or some such wording, which I don't want to repeat verbatim here.

I think that Jack is jerking his knee, like a good robot, as Jack is getting the theme of the propaganda, the false theme, the Monopoly viewpoint, the immoral reactions to the intended triggers.

We are prodded with punishments, which are crimes in progress, don't do this, look at what happens here, in Waco, or other examples, do not do this, or else, prodded with these types of Cattle Prods, a Federal Income Tax Evader, so watch out, and pay, without question, but that is the stuff on the surface.

What about the stuff that is one layer down from the surface, like the Fraud in progress called Usury, or called The Business Cycle, or called Inflation, or called Quantitative Easing, what about that "Tax"?

What about the concept of blaming things for the actions of people?

What about the concept of misidentifying the source of a lie, and falsely attaching the wrong messenger for the false message that originated from the willful frauds, not from the messenger boy hand delivering the message with a clear warning telling you that the message is false?

I can laugh at a lot of entertaining things invented by Ellen DeGeneres, including the way that cartoon plays out in that scene, it is funny, and I can smile. If I can't smile then life has lost meaning - to me.

Thanks for the help in smiling.

"I am sure there are many more competitive people that can stay on topic and remember the topic and are able to relay the topic."

People who care to discuss things with me are currently numbering few, so few that my schedule remains to be an open one. If a day exists in the future, a big change occurs, where I have less time to reply to your competitive, welcome, viewpoints, on Political Economy, with your Spiritual angles of view, then that will be a change, that is not happening now, yet my cousin and the Russian are both engaging me with their competitive viewpoints, plus my brother, occasionally, and of course my family at home are on rare occasions allowing me to speak about such things; like when John went to Jury Duty, or when my wife has dealing with business associates.

I keep asking my wife to listen to the Catherine Fitts report, especially the parts about dealing with Black Hats or White Hats.

"The liars would probably raise their hands to make the idea of lying sound like a good and positive thing to be had while cannibalizing all that might oppose."

If you can please think that through some more, I think this is a significant discovery in this last exchange between us. The liars hire people to raise their hands, in that case, if I have the concepts understood. Please consider running that scenario through a few more times.

The Scenario is too poll the human species and ask if anyone demands more lies to be told to them, looking to find volunteers who are seeking to become victims to lies.

Take any number of actual people and try it out to see who is raising their hands, and then ask them, and find out the true answer, if it can be found that way.

Do you raise your hand?

Hey, I'm here, right here, please lie to me?

The idea here is to then understand what is going on with these very large sums of Legal Money flowing to fill the demand for very powerful lies.

Which lies are very powerful?

There is this lie going around whereby people who produce Trust, because these people can be counted on for their power to produce more at the end of the day than they started with in the morning, and these people can be counted on for good faith, and good credit, and these people LOAN money to this other group of very high paid liars, and then the liars say that the Productive Group owes National Debt, with National Interest, to the high paid liars, and it is an account that is denominated in Federal Reserve Notes, where those papers are inculpatory evidence of the crime of fraud in progress since at least 1913.

Note: the words inculpatory and ectropy are words that are not recognized by this spell checker.

"establishing guilt, implicating"

- no dictionary results


The Russian is now starting to put together a very short Russian history for me. He already confirms the concept of censorship of powers that unite moral people, counterfeiting those powerful messages, and falsifying the genuine human thoughts and actions.

You know how this works, intimately, as false Christianity has been invented by, employed by, and maintained by many very evil people at the top of those institutionalized organized crime cabals, such as those events that became known as The Crusades, and The Inquisition, to name 2.

2 out of how many examples of good things being used to hide evil done by individual people?

"I wonder if her talk could be shown to groups of people and if people could start working together to decentralize power back to their own locations?"

The same report by the same person includes an example of Counterfeit Christians who dare not work toward reducing the practice of "The Government laundering money" used in the LEGAL drug trade.

The LEGAL drug trade where "the government" uses the tax payers to finance their wars for their profit by targeting children for the children's capacity to become dependent upon LEGAL drugs such as Crack Cocaine, and Heroin, which is LEGAL for "The Government" to do, to PUSH those Drugs, create those Drug Addicts, and make millions, even billions of dollars off of those Addicts, as those Addicts then get their money in ways that are not Christian ways, so as to then pay, the Addicts pay, "The Government", and then "The Government launders the drug money" and those "Christians" won't stop it, even if they had a button to press to stop it, because they, those "Christians" depend upon "The Government" for their retirement savings, and of course, but not stated by Catherine Fitts, they get their "Federal" Income Tax Breaks too.

Got that, do you have all that?

Opium from Afghanistan, since the Vietnam source was burned up with Agent Orange, so Opium from Afghanistan, flows into America, to High Schools, Colleges, inner cities, everywhere, traded for Federal Reserve Notes, and the money is laundered through Federal Banks, and the money is then traded for Guns, and for Diplomas from The School of the Americas, so as to then hire mercenaries to go into countries where Terrorists are paid to Terrorize, to threaten "our way of life" here in America, so as to then create the demand for High Paid Liars to Lie about a need for a False War on Terror.

You, if you have the button, can turn that off, to stop that part of The Business Cycle, and if you are in that group, the group told to you by Catherine Fitts, you say no, no I won't turn off that part of The Business Cycle, because my retirement account may not pay so well.

Christianity in action?

Did you not see that part?

Now I am inspired, this morning, to find where that is in the report.

20:00 Spiritual Frontiers Foundation International.

Narco Dollars for Dummies, Financial Fraud, etc.

"While we are an all volunteer, not-for-profit organization, we are not a church."

OK, my mistake, my false connecting of a dot between Catherine Fitts and a "Christian" group.

I think the association is still potentially valid, if any individual is asked the same question concerning the button that stops the Legal Crimes in progress, and the individual may be a member of a "Christian" (false version or counterfeit version) and the individual says no, in an individual manner, or in an official manner, they say no, no, no, we need that to continue for this reason, and for that reason.


Jim and Tammy Baker. This is way out of my field of study, so I am bound to make huge mistakes in false connections. The message here, again, is to avoid making these false connections, not to add to them, so help is needed in realizing which people are actively, willfully, deceptive, which ones are making errors, and which ones are capable of transferring accurate information, or productive information, whereby the the goal isn't to pass on costs.

The point includes the concept of realizing that the liars steal the credit from genuine sources of credit, because lies must be effective, lies are fit for the targets of the lies; a wolf wears a sheep costume when targeting the sheep. A sheep uses a wolf costume when targeting the fellow sheep too, and then the sheep with the wolf costume wears a sheep costume over the wolf costume. If the sheep are the source of wealth, because they are trusting souls, the point is to point out the source of POWER.

Liars, in a criminal sense, are not targeting powerless targets, they are targeting their targets because the targets have something worth stealing, and they use counterfeits, false fronts, to hide, and perpetuate, their crimes in progress.

"I wonder if chamber of commerce groups would listen to the talk and take action…like loaning each other money instead of getting their money from New York. Investing privately and locally instead of on the open stock exchange. Quit sending power somewhere else. I am not sure if she covered developing a currency, but that could be added so that FRN are not due."

Who is listening? "They" don't listen. Who is listening? "They" don't listen. Who is listening?

Do that for 20 years, and then you can get a sense of accurate measure on who is listening and how they are not listening now compared to 20 years ago.

Remember Ross Perot, and the giant sucking sound? Catherine Fitts says that too, if I remember right, but I'm not going to check again.

When it is time for people to listen, more, and more, and more, will you still be aiding and abetting, lending moral, and material support, to the worst human beings among us?

I think that is the point.

Know better.

You still do your Federal Income Taxes.

Look at that sentence.

You still do your Federal Income Taxes.

Are you finding your conscience gaining power over your Absolute Abject Belief in Falsehood Without Question?

You still do your Federal Income Taxes with Federal Reserve Notes.

That sentence constitutes more lies. That sentence, written in that authoritative way, despite the fact that it is a message filled with falsehood, authoritative in a false way, that sentence constitutes aid to the Legal Criminals, and that sentence constitutes abetting the Legal Criminals, that sentence CREDITS the Legal Criminals for being such good liars, thieves, and evil people having either no moral conscience, or one that has been rendered powerless.

"she just keeps switching from one topic to the next without supporting documentation."

My wife used to ask me "how do you know" that the information isn't lies? I can then explain, but it takes more words, and the same question applies to all words, so it takes time, a seed is planted, and the seed is the seed of moral conscience aimed at the internal Abject Belief in Falsehood Without Question, which is a power that can be measured in Federal Reserve Notes as those inculpatory pieces of paper, and digits on hard drives, travel, and record the crimes in progress. If you use them, you are either victim to them, or you use them to create victims yourself, with them. If you excuse your use of them, those inculpatory pieces of evidence proving exactly how much that you are aiding and abetting, lending moral and material support to, the worst human evil ever to discredit the human species, then that proves the point right there, as to "how do you know" in any case.

I know, it is right there in black and white, and it has nothing to do with me, it has everything to do with anyone connected to those criminals in any way, those criminals connect to their victims with the Legal Money Monopoly POWER, and that power is, in English, Abject Belief in Falsehood Without Question TO THE VICTIMS.

The criminals know exactly what they are doing with their Systematic Institutionalized Crimes made Legal, with that Power over Legal Monopoly Money.

"Actually speaking from a Biblical point of view. A non-believer is singular. Just the old man. A Believer has both the old man and the new man residing within."

I put that on my forum for some reason.

"We never really own any of this stuff from China because it breaks on schedule..."

Surplus Wealth or POWER comes in many forms, what is the Total?

That is another very big thing about Catherine Fitts, she understands the Total Sum significance.

The depression need not be one at all, and again that is well explained by Catherine Fitts, and well explained by the guy that made Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports infamous: Walter Burien.

"Same Theme"

I just found that today. The first BOMB he dropped was called The Biggest Game in Town here:

Crime made Legal Perpetually = Surplus Wealth Total is kept low and the scarce power is commanded by a few Legal Criminals

Not A = Surplus Wealth Total is 6 times larger according to a study ordered by Catherine Fitts, for one educated estimate of what happens when the Legal Criminals are no longer paid so well for fraud, extortion, rape of children, torture, mass murder, and threatening all life on Earth with extinction.

"I think I remember hearing Chalmers Johnson say something about us not even being able to make our own clothing here anymore...or maybe that was someone else...I don't know...I am like that fish...trying to keep up with Joe and not being able to remember anything."

You are, and that is a fact, you are, as to what else you are, besides being you, I'm not going to comment further, when you ask me what I think you are, then you may listen.