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Why that complicated?

Government did not have any money (not then, not today.) The protesters (like trade union thugs) wanted to intimidate the government into stealing money from others (via taxes or inflation) and give to them. Sure, populist retoric can bring tears even to people like you. So the masses elected socialist-progressives for 3 terms after that. Gold was confiscated, prices fixed, taxes raised, printing began. Thanks to people like you and the protesters.

Wikipedia: "Congress established a trust fund to receive 20 annual payments of $112 million that, with interest, would finance the 1945 disbursement of the $3.638 billion due the veterans. Meanwhile, veterans could borrow up to 22.5% of the certificate's face value from the fund; but in 1931, because of the Great Depression, Congress increased the maximum value of such loans to 50% of the certificate's face value."