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I am trying to apply the liberty philosophy to the issue.

I recognize you are opposed to abortion personally, but are arguing to support it for the "right" of others. I also understand that nature has made it so the woman endures the many physical aspects of pregnancy, but that is not under our control, that is how Nature and Nature's God made it to be. I personally think the physical changes are irrelevant. I don't think the changes that occur to a woman's body have anything to do with whether or not the baby has rights.

I also never said the father shouldn't be responsible to support the child. I was asking you what you thought. I think if anyone in the world is responsible for the baby, it is the father and mother who took part in the actions resulting in the creation of a life. So yes, I think the father should be responsible. I cannot think of a valid argument where the baby is either parent's sole responsibility, except for death of one parent, a parent being convicted of a felony which makes them unfit to be a parent, or a legal contractual agreement forfeiting parental rights.

Each parent is equally responsible for the life regardless of contractual agreement such as marriage.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.