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Comment: cepivon? Was your post meant for me?

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cepivon? Was your post meant for me?

I am not saying it's wrong to discuss anything on DP. MN and the Mods censor far more people and posts than I would... The only thing I would ban is advertizing that has not paid to advertize.

In 07, I* didn't agree wuth RP in all his stands.. that took educating myself by reading his books. I have always appreciated DP as a place one can educate themselves. Now I feel the same way about Rand.

Only thing I'm against is advertizing that is not paying MN/DP to advertize. I have NO problem with religious or atheist posts.

I apologise if you find my posts discouraging others to post about anything.. I dion't know where you get the idea I am uncomfortable.

Talk about whatever you wish.. I do.