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Comment: There are SO MANY nonsensical incidents

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There are SO MANY nonsensical incidents

regarding Sandy Hook. I don't know if any children were murdered or not, or how many, if any.

I did notice today that a parent's picture was online, and I must say he is FRIGGIN' OLD to have a 1st grader, I mean OLD. It's stuff like that, the little things, too, that I've noticed that are just incredulous, not that an old guy can't have a young kid, but he had to have been in his 50's.

The whole story is just that---a "story", and the masses are so gullible it's disgusting.

The Evil Elitists know they have TOTAL CONTROL via the TV. They know we don't and laugh at us behind our backs! Well, let me tell you something. THEY have NO IDEA how much money they are printing, and they THINK they can escape their financial destruction, BUT....they might just wake up one day with nowhere to go.

I would not be surprised if world-wide the masses turned against them someday. It's happened in history before. It may happen again. They hide behind their armies, but if their armies feel betrayed, well, who knows...