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Comment: 911 is an important aspect to

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911 is an important aspect to

911 is an important aspect to waking up to the Globalist agenda, we need to understand the enemy to be able to resist it. There have been a number of false flag events recently that present an opportunity for the elite to push their agenda but also an opportunity to expose their lies and deceit. That is where the battle for liberty is today. The tide is turning against the elite and even the sleeping masses are questioning the Sandy Hook event which could unravel their whole agenda. I have posted on numerous news sites debating the event and guess where I got many of my talking points and evidence from? The Daily Paul.

We can all have philosophical discussions on Constitutional Conservatism vs Anarcho Capitalism which is important but none of that matters if the elite win. This is an activism site and False Flags, Drones, food and health freedom, Gun Control- these are the issues that compose the front line of the battle to make America free again and where our energy needs to be put forth. Almost every aspect of our life from the info the media pumps out to the crap food we eat to the fluoride poisoned water we drink has been twisted against us to keep us enslaved. We must rid ourselves from these before we can rid this country of the corruption at the top. That is what my signature denotes- The front line is everywhere, there be no shelter here...

On 911- So far, the facts presented that support controlled demolition surpass the debunker's explanations. Namely why building 7 collapsed from a small amount of debris falling on it and the book in the pentagon that was not even charred. I mean, how can one plane crash produce enough fire to melt /weaken steel at the twin towers but a similar plane hit the pentagon and not even burn a paper book? For that matter, where is all the security footage of the plan hitting the pentagon aside from the 3 frames given? If they had nothing to hide, why was this all confiscated?

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.