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Comment: Absurd and shameful

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Absurd and shameful

This anti-Jewish bigotry is stupid and harmful. It immediately discredits your point of view on the modern state of Israel in the eyes of fair-minded and rational people. It's a colossal distraction rooted in ignorance and hatred. Michael Nystrom should pull the plug on all of it.

What's most disheartening is the anti-Jewish nonsense gets up-voted and the sensible comments get down-voted. As a delegate to the convention in Tampa, I cast one of the votes for Ron Paul on the convention floor. I'm ending my Daily Paul account now because I don't want to be affiliated with an anti-Semitic website. Hitler was an evil man and those of you who identify with him and his racist ideas may be surprised someday when you finally bow to Jesus Christ . . . a Jew. You may be begging for mercy from Yeshua and Yahweh on that day.