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Short note

I am exhausted today and I think fighting some sickness. I did not know the origin of the fish's voice. That pretty much wipes the smile off of my face. My boys had borrowed the video from a Sunday School teacher. Just like the Fitt's "spiritual" audience...we will excuse quite a bit and line people's pockets in the name of entertainment. We are too stupid.

We speak of cannibalism pointed out in Warren's work. There are many kinds. The Holodomor was canniblism, not just by capitalism and subsidies by by confiscation and shipping that very grain the starving people needed to the West. It made me wonder, did they need the money? Were they buying the secrets we were selling? Why do such a thing. The documentary said it was to put on an appearance that there was plenty of grain ti the audience in the West. It is hard for me to understand how people could let themselves be put in such a situation. Did they send all their power to people until they were powerless, or was their power stolen all at once. So many things to know and understand.

I know when your schedule is not open there will be a necessary change, and for whatever change is beneficial to you, I will be happy for you and yours. I am not going to write anymore now because I have to quit resting in 30 minutes and then I will be on the go till after 8 and I don't know if I will write again til tomorrow. I am too tired. Chalmers Johnson also talked about the School of Americas. Just like Fitts, so many things rang true from my JTK Education. As you bring up the information on Fitts my memory kicks back in. It is like my mind is a pit and things get lost in it. Wishing you a good day, bear.