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Comment: All the school shootings could be related to what we eat

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All the school shootings could be related to what we eat

Just think about it when did they all start and are they on the rise? What has changed in the past 20 years?

One thing is for sure we have never been forced into this cheap processed type food we are eating now. It has lots of flavor enhancers to make us think we are eating good food, when we are eating garbage. The food is nutrient deficient, so the more we eat the hungrier our bodies get need to eat more.

Monsanto's Roundup affects our ability to fight off infections and is a major contributor to childhood sicknesses and diseases. Why has Monsanto been given blanket immunity from any type of court action? Could it be they knew this GMO crap was poisonous all along?

I think Monsanto's Roundup herbicide affects the way our children grow and how the brain develops. Some could be growing up to be mass murders caused by Roundup.

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