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To what purpose?

Not understanding Robert's Rules of Order isn't what's causing the division here at the Daily Paul.

What's causing it is the truth, and the truth is we don't share a common purpose. There are people here at the DP who oppose everything you hope to accomplish through Robert's Rules of Order.

People get the government they deserve, and yes, understanding Robert's Rules can help them deserve better government, but better government is a relative term based on ones opinion. What's better government? What purpose should government serve? Have you noticed that the DP is infested with people who reject the very idea of Government?

We need a common purpose, and if we're truly liberty minded people, we should use Robert's Rules to see that justice is served rather than injustice.

Robert's Rules and organizing are a means to an end, but what purpose do you hope to serve? As far as I can tell, your current hope is to get a Sheriff elected, but to what purpose; to serve justice and enforce the law or to try and declare yourself a sovereign state?

A Sheriff doesn't write the law, he enforces it, and the laws they enforce don't necessarily have anything to do with justice. For me, that's where Government starts. That's where debate and Robert's Rules come into play, debating law, writing law, and enforcing law to see that justice is served.