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Comment: This might be the 100th time I've posted this...

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This might be the 100th time I've posted this...

...but again, I've never said I endorse, believe, or support the "official story". However, even the most simple crime scene can be incorrectly deconstructed and even cops or politicians targeting the actual perpretrators can be prone to corruption and falsificaiton in order to make their case easier to prove. Flaws in the "official story' don't prove a conspiracy anymore than flaws in my daughters math test prove she conspired to destroy the study of Algebra.
People are imperfect and this incident was grand in scale. Pointing out flaws in the report doesn't prove who did it, or that anyone besides the accused did it. This truther movement is based on attacking the official story but it doesn't give a shred of evidence to point to anyone else.
If I'm not quite sure how Jimbo robbed the bank, it doesn't mean that he didn't do it. It just means that I'm not quite sure how he did it. You guys are trying to blame Bob because you aren't satisfied with the evidence against Jimbo. It's fine not to be satisfied with the evidence agaisnt Jimbo, but that doesn't automatically implicate Bob.

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