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Yep, they sure did. Then when

Yep, they sure did. Then when they got here they set up their own religious persecution by banishing people who didn't believe as they did. In some cases beating them, jailing them, and putting them in stocks to be publicly humiliated after they drove them off of their land. When that didn't work, they hung them or crushed them to death instead. Thus the reason the First Amendment was put into place so that those types of heinous behaviors wouldn't happen again.

At the time our founding documents were written, if you didn't profess to be Christian, you couldn't vote nor have a say in the governing of your town or country. You were forced into church or persecuted and often prosecuted. So, when you see where the Founders professed to be Christian, I'd take it with a grain of salt. I imagine some were truly, but many claimed it to avoid what was akin to the inquisition of the New World.

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