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Comment: What did the Rothschild Family do?

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What did the Rothschild Family do?

Is it a crime to make loans to fiscally irresponsible governments.

Democracies are ever greedy for more money. Not since 1835 has a President paid down the National Debt.

Since 1835 no payment on the principle has been made.

The US Department of Treasury has never held Treasure only promissory notes.

We were sold us as Collateral in the 14th Amendment and greedy federal and state legislatures groveled before the banking class for a loan that would save the US from the bankruptcy brought on by the Civil War.

Congress further welcomed fraud to our shores with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Each time they raise the debt ceiling another right is extinguished albeit unlawfully.

The Founding father's were wrong to entrust Congress with debt.

Free includes debt-free!