Comment: Liberty is increasing go213mph.

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Liberty is increasing go213mph.

Preface: I believe in a Creator, not currently identified, probably never will be. The most perfect Being able to be imagined by the human mind would never take credit for anything, would it. Think about it.

There is no doubt that corporate religion is the greatest last hurdle for someone to truly achieve freedom. This issue alone has made it more clear than any other that a majority of the self proclaimed "liberty movement" are nothing more than corporate whores.

The evidence of our earth being billions of years old is overwhelming yet we are asked to believe that a man born just 2,000 years ago is the savior of it all. It is a fairytale contrived to make the authors very rich. Mission accomplished. And can I add they don't pay taxes. Extremely brilliant business model.

What keeps a majority of the population from questioning the official story is this devilish character named satan. You are of the devil if you break their matrix, don't you know. Truth is satan is no more real than little red riding hood, santa claus or frosty the snowman. All of them are in the zodiac.

So I am glad to see what you posted. It is the strongest pillar of our current falsehood but it is on it's way down :).