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"There are no athiests in a

"There are no athiests in a foxhole."

What an interesting statement. Lets break it down:

This popular statement reveals Christianity for what it truly is: A sanctuary against the scary unknown. When in a Foxhole, you're in a scary place surrounded by events you cannot control or cope with easily. You don't know if a shell is going to land on you, so in desperation and fear, you look to supernatural opiates to help you cope with a stressful situation. It brings you comfort to know that when you have no control, you can contact via your pillow or cross amulet a super-powered cosmic father-figure flying about, casting 9th level shield spells over your fox-hole. Far fetched as it seems in normal times, this simple delusion is the mental opiate many need to keep from completely breaking under the immense stresses of combat.

For many, the world is a huge scary place filled with the unknown. They cannot cope with the stress and feel they haven't got any control. This coupled with an irrational fear that they are being watched by a level 40 diety who has the power to banish them to a hellish torture chamber forever motivates them to subjegate themselves to this titanic mythical being. Not only do they no longer feel so out of control, having been provided with all the answers (albeit, ridiculously stupid ones) to everything, they also feel a small measure of saftey and control in their lives knowning that they've got a cosmic king in their corner who is going to make everything alright, and take them to a country-club like paradise when they die, where they can hang out with the dead family.

As an added bonus, nearly every Christian believes he/she will be one of a small handful of people not destined for eternal torture because he/she is special to god, whereas everyeone else is not. Even though they know they are constantly sinning and pissing on the bible, they believe that god sees something in them, and they'll have a chance to make it all right and spend eternity in heaven.