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We aren't persecuting you.

We aren't persecuting you. We are mocking you. Partially because we're tired of seeing 40 stupid christian threads pop up a day trying to give all the credit for our hard work and our founding father's vision to your stupid collectivist religeon.

But there are other reasons. This is one of the few times in world history(and it may not last long), where people like us can make fun of you without having to fear being thumb-screwed or burned to death. So we may as well take advantage of it while we can. If this whole liberty movement fails, it's only a matter of time before we're back to the dark ages and all the wonderful things your blood thirsty, brutal fucking religeon is so famous for. I don't care if you can cherry pick a few nice things from the bible to try and sell me on how nice Jesus is, reality is, your faith has been the tool for sadists and tyrants throught history, and it will be again if liberty fails.

Also, for me, its an interesting experament in brainwashing to watch you people dance around questions you're compartmentalized minds cannot handle be allowed to entertain without causing a collision between your human, rational mind and your primitive, brainwashed, faith-based mind:

Can god create a rock too heavy for him to lift up?

Why doesn't god heal amputees?

If taxes are coersion, why is hell "free will?"

If America was founded on Christian principals, how come the guy who wrote the Bill of Rights hated the Christian religeon with a passion and considered organized religeon to be enemy of liberty?

If America's founding was as a christian nation, why have religeous zealots been spending the last 200 years trying to make all the freedoms that the Constitution guaranteed us into crimes? Drugs? Prostitution? These things are fine according to the Constituation and Bill of Rights, but the christian right has been trying to shove their fucking book of lies into our rights since the beggining.