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Comment: Swat Team Takes Down Rogue Acorn Squash---Film At Eleven...

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Swat Team Takes Down Rogue Acorn Squash---Film At Eleven...

Swat Team members were confronted with a potentially lethal situation when one officer saw something shiny hidden under the leaf of one of the larger members of the squash bed.
Officers quickly wrestled the squash to the ground and rendered it harmless. No weapon was found but investigators are still sifting through the dirt looking for evidence. Another unidentified squash and two tomatoes were injured in the scuffle and were treated on the scene for minor bruises before being taken into custody.
Also arrested were accomplices Pete Moss and Pearl Lite according to Police Lt. Dick Licker. Said Licker of today's bust, "Sometimes it's good police work and sometimes we just get lucky".

Hulk smash puny squash!

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