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Comment: Pulling out the Beattitudes

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Pulling out the Beattitudes

Pulling out the Beattitudes on me are you? You might note that Jesus isn't saying he's going to torture me for making fun of you? He's saying that you get to go to heaven for having to put up with all my mean words.

Its sorta like how I say beneign things to make my little girls feel better when their feelings are hurt.

Naturally your response to a series of questions your faith-based mind cannot handle is to threaten me with hell. Heck you didn't even make a sad attempt to answer them whilst dodging them, you just went straight for the throat.

Max, I don't fear make-believe firey relms. You won't scare me into submission. Im not some weak-minded serf who is going to bow down to a cosmic king because im so terrified of going to hell.

Its bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit.

Infact its worse, its sick and twisted sadistic evil. The fact that you believe im going to be tortured for all eternity for making fun or your stupid religeon... and you're okay with it, tells me exactly what sort of person buys into this medival peasant control.

Do you see me promising to light people on fire or torture them for talking shit about athiesm? Do you even understand how twisted and authoritarian that is? If some athiest came on and started treatening to break your knees for making fun of athiests, id tell him to go @#$% himself. If I was around and he tried to hurt you, id defend you.

People don't deserve to be tortured for expressing their opinions, or being rude. That crap only happens in the most brutal dictatorships run by sadistic megalomaniacs. What exactly does that say about your god? Id ask you to think about it, but you wont.