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So, how is it that stealing

So, how is it that stealing money for Apollo is ok, but not for Healthcare? The way I see it, the government shouldn't be stealing money out of people's pockets for anything; nor should government be directing technological advancements, because there will always be the flaws of central planning embedded within the results.

You can complain all you want about Woodstock; however, a spontaneous Free Market arose at Woodstock -whether one likes what was being made available or not doesn't matter. What kind of Free Market arose at NASA or even after the initial theft of money? No Free Market ever arose from the entire Space thing, only Corporatist Fascism; is that what you truly believe is right?

Also, you say Rothbard joined the socialist party in or around 1968. In the 1970's he created the Libertarian Party, and in the later 70's he -for the most part- created Anarcho-Capitalism. He went from Statist, to little Statist, to Anarchist; over time his trajectory has him supporting less and less government and more and more Freedom. Rand over time supported more government and less Freedom; by starting off supporting no taxes at all, and then by 1980 supporting taxes -even if it was just for Space exploration. What else would she have supported the government stealing money out of our pockets for, had she lived longer?