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I hve had good luck with them.

Not last year, mind you. Last year all I grew was VOLES. Damn varmints! But the summer before I grew ONE "Purple Cherokee" tomato plant that about ran me out of my garden. I have not tried to grow corn yet, plan to try the "Painted Mt" stuff this year. And while I know the fungus is a drag... at least have this knowledge so if times are bad enough, your crop is not wasted:
Who knows, it might be delicious, I have not had the nerve to try it.
Do you have a good reference book? Their are some tricks to improving germination rate that are species specific - some will do much better with a pre-soak. Lastly, if you can find other local seed savers, their crops will be proven for your zone and soil and such. Sorry you had bad luck, hope this year is better!

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