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Comment: Put humanity into a position of Debt slavery and

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Put humanity into a position of Debt slavery and

A crime to counter fit money make fictious loans to installed puppet governments installed through fake elections. A crime to loan money to your puppets then turn to the free humans and say you all owe me for a COMPOUNDING NATIONAL DEBT. You got to be joking.

Do you realy believe a loan from a bank to your government occured and that loan made you in debt, a tax payer to pay a national debt?

You said: "Democracies are ever greedy for more money. Not since 1835 has a President paid down the National Debt"

This is because they are in on the swindle presidents are installed not elected and certianly not chosen by the people. Puppets apply for puppet jobs thats how they get the job. The debt payoff is never intended to be acomplished. Only through that false debt can these low life scum swindlers make claims of collections as they brutalize their victums. any immoral behavior can be justified by claims of flase debt. A big scale mafia strong arm scam being pulled on humanity by the red sheild family.

perpetual genocide. Criminal counterfiters who use false debt to foist every fowel vile evil upon humanity in the name of debt collection.
Democracies are just a tool for these evil sub humans. Democracy is a perversion in the Rothschild puppet show where they owne every media both parties the central bank and everything else counterfit money and false debt extortion can buy.

How naive to even ask.