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Comment: Hey, that vote down isn't me, fyi.

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Hey, that vote down isn't me, fyi.

I'm not so concerned about governing with Christians... after all, somebody has to keep 'em in check, or else they may cease to behave like Christians and turn instead into fascists. : )

1st Am. "...shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..." and such pretty much supports the point I make.

If this were specifically meant to be a Christian nation, I think it would have been spelled out.

I cannot explain intelligently any rebuff to your specific point. What I will do is this:

I'll add another wrong to the pile of wrongs that existed before and when our country was founded. Christian-only government is a wrong in a society which was supposedly set up to be a republic / representative semi-democracy. Some people will not be represented if they are not Christians. So the hypocrisy is apparent. The lie of a Constitutional Republic not being what it has been claimed to be.

Another wrong which was acceptable upon the Founding: slavery.

Guess what: If Christians had single-handedly created this country and all that it is to this point, fine, perhaps the rest of us can just step off; however, as soon as others contribute--BAM! Now all contributors must be included.

What would the Founders do?