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Comment: I'm a social conservative

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I'm a social conservative

What attaracted me to Libertarianism is the right that I have as an individual to attract like minded individuals on private land and practice our way of living without intereference from the same sex progressive liberal left, but at the same time recgonizing the rights of these lefties to live the life they see fit.

Under libertarianism a communist community can also exist eg they buy a plot of land and share their income and do cummunal living as long as they do not mess with other free poeple.

Many Libertarians are hyprocritical because they feel you need to live under the purely libertarian model without realizing libertarinism is the broader framework where many different types of communities can co-exist eg tribes based on race, or multi-culturisism as in New York, London, communist, socialist etc etc as long as the participation in these communities is voluntary and they as a community don't mess with others. Same sex marrige doesn't mean you are happy with it, but merely you tolerate it because its thier right, but on private land you should be able to tell this group to buzz off.

Some Libertarians also assume that Christians have no right to spread their message telling them what to do, yes Christians have no right to pass laws messing with you, but they still have freedom of speech on public land to spread their word.