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Si, Senor...

I get what you're saying, rather GOT what you were saying. I've been looking at bitcoin for some time now. Mining bitcoin? Go for it. Just don't jump in with both feet. I was giving the same advice when friends of mine were wanting to buy when silver was at $47, afraid that they were going to 'miss out' on the hyperbolic move up. I told them that the hyperbolic move is what pushed it to almost $50 and they were too late...for now. Now they're buying, and my opinion served them well. (Personally I think silver will get to the low 20's/high teens before we see another jump toward the moon. I thought $28 was a good bottom, until it broke through today. Regardless, PM's are a small part of my total 'pack.' No one is going to get rich off of buying and stacking silver, and to think so would be a fool's errand. PM's are SAFE. Insurance if you will.) Of course inflation will ensure that there's a new record-breaker in the future for silver. But don't buy the Max Keiser pump-and-dump hype. Sit back and relax. Mine all you want. But don't exchange FDR's in your bank account for bitcoin right now. Let the hype die down a bit. Let the dust settle. Don't be a victim of bitcoin's growing pains. If you don't have stored water, food, seeds, supplies, guns, ammo, toiletries, PM's, and even some lowly FDR's on hand, then you have no business looking at bitcoin right now. Again, you and the others that voted down my previous comment, do what you want. I don't care. Shit on my opinion. Whatever floats thy boat.