Comment: Two Fundamentalisms

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Two Fundamentalisms

Why go from statism to an extremism - voluntarism? I don't believe that is a good strategy to bring people along. A better goal might be to move in the direction of a more voluntary society but recognizing that pure voluntarism/anarchism can never happen nor would we want it to happen completely. Some taxation makes sense for the basic constitutional functions of government.

The Free State Project is missing an opportunity to grow more quickly because of the perception that it is an extremist group. Talk of secession is a non-starter among all but the most extremist factions in the liberty movement. It is impractical because the separatist lines are unclear. Who exactly would secede with whom? I can tell you as a resident of New Hampshire if the word got out that the FSP had secessionist goals there would be swift condemnation and many of the movemeny sympathizers would turn against them.

This idea splits the liberty movement. There are many liberty people that are also practical patriots. They support limited government not zero government. There are far more of them than there are pure voluntarists.