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To broadcast a live program,

To broadcast a live program, one would probably need personal access to the InterNet. For that reason and others, I'd probably favor a rebroadcast of a freely available production. I operate an unlicensed LPAM station and would be open to rebroadcasting your live show. Coordinating a live show can be a daunting task as even the times (UTC) would probably have to be coordinated across the nation. What time slots would suit the majority of listeners across the USA while accommodating the producers and broadcasters? Although imperfect due to the potential national audience, I'd probably produce a one hour show live and select a time of 6-7 PM Eastern so families have the evening to themselves. * Yes, some folks would have juggle dinner, but the show could potentially reach folks on their way home from work.

I'll be keeping this project in view.

* 2200-2300 UTC during daylight savings time, 2300-0000 UTC during standard time