Comment: Thousands of Gallons!!

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Thousands of Gallons!!

sounds like this town just got their streets re-sealcoayed for free. Throw down some pea gravel and bring in a roller and they all get repaved whether they need it or not. Not to mention if this town had a municipal sewer it is going to be replaced by Exxon at no cost to them. Heck this could be the best thing that ever happened to the town long run. The place will smell pretty oily for a few weeks, and any grass affected will be killed off for a few years. In a year no one will remember it even happened, and it'll be cleaner than it was before the spill. Look at how messed up the gulf still is right....turns out nature knows how to deal with oil.

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois