Comment: Well I think anyone who

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Well I think anyone who

Well I think anyone who believes that American Airlines flt 77 did not fly into the Pentagon on 9/11 has not done enough research or is simply refusing to acknowledge the facts for whatever reason. What are you saying? Did you watch the videos? How do you dismiss all those eyewitnesses? And the fact that not a single eyewitness say they saw anything other than a plane hit the Pentagon? And all the American Airlines plane parts found at the scene? And body parts from the passengers identified by dna? And the black box from AA flt 77?

I am not saying that about people who think the CIA or Mossad was involved with training and aiding the hijackers, or people who believe the WTC towers collapse may have been controlled demolition. Not truthers in general, just those who still hold that no plane hit the Pentagon.

Don't be like constitutional and just make personal attacks and completely avoid debating the issues, because that' a sure sign that you can't.