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Moral Fascism

is alive and well in our culture.

If you are capable of making statements like this and still claiming to be a rational human being, then you obviously understand absolutely nothing about the bible. It is historical narrative and witness accounts of events plus copies of letters written between individuals. There is an insane amount of criteria used to determine the legitimacy of what is in the bible versus what content was excluded.

You don't doubt the existence of Plato and Socrates on a historical basis, yet there are only about 25 total documents on EARTH that point back to them, and the closest one to their own time was written 800 years AFTER they died.

There are 22,000 corroborating texts to the New Testament Gospels alone, some of them written in less than a generation after the actual events.

Don't attempt to discuss the bible unless you have an actual historical understanding of it and hermeneutics training in Greek, etc. It's pointless otherwise. People treat it like it's supposed to be a modern novel or some junk and then make fun of it. It is a collection of accounts from various authors, and correspondence between individuals...

And people who claim to be 'Rational' don't understand what constitutes actual evidence using tested and vetted methods throughout human history. For example, an agnostic spanking an atheist making baseless assertions on the bible, and it's hilarious...

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