Comment: Except that Santa Claus was a Coca Cola PR invention.

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Except that Santa Claus was a Coca Cola PR invention.

Myths come and go. I think Dickens best captures the spirit of Christmas. His spirits had religious significance inviting Scrooge to consider his past, his present and his future. And every year Scrooge is doomed to relearn that same lesson.

Myth is merely a vehicle or method for telling tales of reality. It is incumbent on the myth purveyor to re-translate and communicate what has meaning in accord with reality.

When those that fail their task, then bad myths become our currency.

But do you ever wonder if you skepticism had demanded you throw out the baby with the bathwater judging with the cold eye of ratiocination.

Ratiocination is something one has and skepsis is its natural byproduct. Using rules of abstract logic how does one hope to create real results?

If one doubts, one is certain of that truth, for nothing can be the true except by the truth. Ratiocination does not produce what is true bu uncovers it.

Wise men of the past have often spoke of the difference between the wisdom that has them, somehow,
and the ratiocination they have. The very title "Philosopher" means lover of wisdom.

"Still others seem to be driven by and evil self-will to air the easily lifted secrets of the gods.
They come to deem everything untrue which before was called holy; to deem reality itself unholy. But the unholiness of reality is a deceptive appearance." An appearance created by an overzealous ratiocination.

Free?. Free from what? What does Zarathustra care. Many a man gave up their usefulness when they escaped from the yoke. But tell me with candid regard, free for what?

Free includes debt-free!