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In 2007

In 2007, during the RP campaign there was a Ron Paul radio. The quality was ammateurish, but it was done with enthusiasm and enviable zeal.

With all seriousness, our Liberty movement does not have serious chances in 2014 and 2016, unless such Liberty movement launches independent internet television and makes efforts to reach wider audience. I am not the one who formulated this conclusion, Karl Rove is an author, however I do agree with him on this one.

The challenge... is that there are many liberty supporters, but they do not agree on everything. Perhaps this could prompt new name: United by Liberty. So, let's assume that, hypotetically, we do have this new station United by Libert. Such radio would be great, however to be commercially viable i think that it would probably makes sense to try to put the the new media, such as AJ, Natural News, Adam Kokesh and others, slotted to the play list and moderated by much more diplomatic tone of DP. Heck, even the turncoat Glen Beck could be reaired. There are many other potential shows, where

There are many of us who cut our cable off, I am one of them. As such, there is potential for internet Liberty television stream.

If AJ is reading,this, and I am sure he or his staff are reading DP, they should consider doing "reverse" merger: initiating creation of independent Liberty radio and taking prime time slots in it. Such Liberty radio (and hopefully television) would serve as umbrella broadcasters to those united by Liberty.

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