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Wow - this is interesting

You are a bona fide non-truther. Your kind is rare in these woods.

I know others as well.

I got turned onto the truthers in late 2003 - 2004. I was working in Taiwan, and surfed the internet copiously. I had no one to talk about to in those days. Interactive websites like this one were rarer.

But I read, and read, and on a trip to Hong Kong, picked up a bootleg copy of "In Plane Site" at a night market. I knew it was a movie, but there was no way to get it delivered to Taiwan, and there wasn't YouTube back then. I watched it on a DVD - a bootleg at that, purchased in a Hong Kong night market.

You can now watch it for free on YouTube:

In Plane Site

If your'e a middle school teacher, then I think you'll like this one. He builds his case logically and rationally.

I dare you to show that film to your students - just for discussion purposes. Sometimes it is interesting, like with this thread, just to discuss something, and see what comes out.

If you did show this film to them, I predict you would be fired. This is something that shall not be questioned in this regime.

- - - - -

After watching that I was primed for Crossing the Rubicon

And that pretty much sealed the deal for me.

- - - - - - -

But your approach does bring up what another non-truther RP supporter said to me. He said, "You're schizophrenic. To believe that the government did this, but the government is somehow going to save us."

His point was that it wasn't necessary, which is I think your ultimate point is as well: ...when our foreign policy should have done the trick on it's own anyway. That is the end of the line for you; no need to go beyond that. That is the Ron Paul approach as well.

But I'm just curious how much research you've done into the matter. I think I spent the whole summer of 2004 watching 911 videos on YouTube. The site was new and addictive, and there were all kinds of home made content as well.

What is positively clear to me is that that was an unnatural, engineered event and a lot of covering up. The only thing I'm certain of is that we're not getting the truth on that one.

And it puts one in a weird state. Because if you believe that about your own government - that either it was the perp, or the enabler - suddenly your whole world turns a lot more hostile. More evil. You realize you're living with a monster, and you just got a glimpse of its true face.