Comment: The local tax inspectors

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The local tax inspectors

The local tax inspectors DOUBLED the value of her house, when nothing had apparently changed. This caused her property taxes to skyrocket in a state where property taxes have already skyrocketed long ago.

My guess is she was quite upset at the tax hearing.

Everyone I know in NJ pays at least more than $4,000. Most who are close to me are paying $6,000 / year in property taxes. In Gloucester where this woman is located I've heard of people being charged nearly $10,000 per year for taxes on modest middle class homes, depending on where they are located. These homes wouldn't even break $1k in annual property tax in many other states, for some it would be only a few hundred per year in other states.

No wonder most people are looking for the exit doors. When I talk to people in NJ everyone seems to be making their plans to get out of here. The only reason I'm still here is because I grew up here and all my friends/family are here.