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Choosing religion?

I was raised in a Christian home. Not a HUGE Christian home, like church every sundays and whatnot, but the prevailing religion in my household was Christianity.

I had a hard time as a young man, wrapping my head around the idea of some dude in the clouds looking down on us. I tried to be religious for a while, but eventually I became an Athiest.

After a couple of years, Athiesm turned to Agnosticism, because I had realized that just because I can not see, touch, or feel something, doesn't mean it isn't there. I am referring to "God" here. I became open to the idea that there WAS a God, but I was like Missouri, the Show-Me state. Prove he exists, and I'll believe.

High School ended and I joined the Military. In Basic I started attending Catholic Mass and started reading the Bible again. In reality, I probably only went to church during Basic Training to get away from the Barracks for an hour or two. I wasn't completely into it, but it was a nice escape and I did participate. I even gave a speech at my final Sunday mass before Graduation.

After graduation, I didn't attend church again. Once again, I couldn't wrap my mind around it. So I talked to my dad about it one night in the hot tub. He recommended that I look into Buddhism. So I did. I'm not a buddhist, but studying buddhism has led me to study other religions; hinduism, taoism, christianity, islam, and even (not a religion) Ancient Astronaut Theory. I came to the conclusion that most religions are essentially the same.

To make a long story short, I would now consider myself "spiritual" instead of "religious". I do believe in an afterlife, but I don't necessarily believe that one needs an "institution of religion" to experience it. God is within each and every one of us, and even Jesus said, "Do not worship me. Worship GOD through me." IMO, most religions are individual boxes of understanding for Consciousness and Spirituality. Instead of looking at a single religion, I expanded my studies to multiple religions. In the end, I found a message that resignated with my own individual perception of the world and I am happy with my conclusions.

Doesn't mean I have found truth though... It just means I found MY truth.

Anyways, I don't know where I'm going with this anymore so I'll end it here.

Good luck, my friend!

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