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No one is second guessing anything.

We, the people KNOW what he is doing, without question.

His words HAVE no validity. They are an impossibility. Are whites racist? Some whites, yes. Are blacks racist? Some blacks, yes.

Are blacks in Africa, or any other predominately black country racist? Some blacks, yes. Are whites in THOSE countries racist? Well, are they?

Comparing the experiment of Liberty in America, a place where, at one time, any thing was posssible to any person to a country such as yours, India, I suppose, a country where slum dogs could NEVER over achieve is an absolute diametric opposition. It can't compare.

You don't understand this country and it shows in your deduction of how our values, within the context of Freedom, Liberty, and opportunity work, and once worked.

This country was wiping out racism in the 1970's until the cia swooped in. Could we ever completely wipe it out? No. There will always be racists of every color but we, as a people were getting there. We overcame the assassinations of our leaders in the 1960's who sought to bring the people together against the military industrial elitists only to be snared in the drug running cia and the emerging police state that pits man against woman, white against black, young against old, neighbor against neighbor, gang against gang, anything to divide the people.

I believe you would do better to apply ONLY America to America. It doesn't mix well with Indian culture in the grand context of life, liberty, and the "caste" system where VERY FEW escape their upbringing.

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