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I tried to follow this whole

I tried to follow this whole threat chain and may have gotten lost. My thinking is that if you want to assert that people aren't responsible for their beliefs (I'm assuming you weren't being rhetorical) than an understanding of where you're placing "responsibility" is pretty important.

People aren't responsible for to themselves for their own beliefs?

People aren't responsible to their fellow people for their own beliefs?

People aren't responsible to their god for their own beliefs?

I guess you could stake a claim on an argument for any of the three. But it's pretty hard for me to imagine. I feel a personal responsibility for my own beliefs. How could anyone define beliefs as different from fleeting notions or feelings or whatever and not take responsibility for them? Right? When folks don't take responsibility for their acting according to their beliefs they make scapegoats. She made me do it; the devil made me do it; I didn't know what I was doing.

How am I not responsible to my fellow man for how my beliefs play out in my circle of friends/family/neighbors? If my belief system goes take-care-of-me-first-who-gives-a-shit, my neighbor his can hold me responsible for failing to come to his aid.

How am I not responsible to whatever god there is? I mean if there's this god, he's like God and I'm responsible for my end of the interaction with him.

Is there some other being/group/category that we humans are responsible to that I've missed? Or is "belief" some magic word that denies culpability for the logical and actual progression of belief into speech/action?

Or is one sentence you wrote off the cuff simply ill conceived?

I don't know; I doubt your premise. EVERYONE does not see what they want to see. MANY people are excited -- most excited -- when they find the unexpected. MANY people aren't hiding behind their own personal palisades. MANY people long to see what they HAVEN'T seen. At least not right now. So they search. When they do, MANY people are excited to decide themselves wrong and see a bigger, wider vista as a result. That's kind of the whole thrust of human exploration and discovery and what makes us a pretty cool species.

I don't know what sort of EVERYONE you're tagging. If I were to generalize the EVERYONE of our species, I'd see a species always questioning, never satisfied, and always wanting to see more than it had seen yesterday. Kind of the opposite of your notion of us.

If your post is meant to soften the divide between 9/11 Truthers and Alltime-Truthers, I don't think that's going to cut it. The divide is more about people who recognize the responsibility of their beliefs and, therefore do their damnedest to figure it, and people who feel little responsibility, outside their own needs, and therefore do their damnedest to fence out logic and their own culpability. Pretty neat and nice to believe in some huge-and-evil-Juggernaut, which means their only responsibility is passing out more "truth" - via FB and here and twitter and their email chains.

We're responsible for our beliefs -- to ourselves, our community and to whatever god we wrap our heads around. We're responsible. For our beliefs.