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Comment: Riddle me this...

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Riddle me this...

EVERY walmart in America has AT LEAST 21 cameras rolling 24/7/365 on the front entrances. Don't believe me? Check it out. Its been that way ever since they opened.

Yet, the most heavily surveiled, most heavily defensed building in the WORLD can NOT produce a single video of a plane flying into it?

Did you see the video of the black girl who was there with her baby and hit the computer button just as the "missle/explosion" occurred? Listen to what she has to say. No plane, no bodies, no luggage, no jet fuel smell, no engines, NOTHING like a plane as she walked OUT of the building THROUGH the hole created by the explosion!

Just saw this video linked below. Thanks, constitutional.

NO VIDEO. Sandy Hoax? NO VIDEO. Aurora? NO VIDEO. Plenty of video of civilians ANY other time EXCEPT these times...hmmmmm?

False Flags, every one. Disinfo trolls can not stop this tide. It rolls like a tsunami. Lie all you want, trolls.

We will bury you with the truth.

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