Comment: The usual group of anti-Semites

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The usual group of anti-Semites

feel the itch. If a day passes by without a talk about the Jew, anti-Semites feel uncomfortable. Their mental dependency on the Jew creates anxiety that needs to be released.

Ron Paul stands for cutting aid to ALL. Rand Paul had a conversation with Israel's prime minister, Bibi, about this. Bibi basically acknowledged that cutting aid to all is a reasonable idea. Ron Paul said many times that total USA aid to Israel's muslim enemies is 3-4 times more than aid to Israel. If we follow Libertarian ideas and cut aid to ALL and stop supporting NWO, UN, Israel will get ahead compared to Sharia Law fans. Those who will suffer the most are Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, UK, Ireland, Spain, etc.

So our anti-Semites ignore Ron Paul on purpose because that would undermine their constant whining about the Jew.