Comment: even "normal" israeli zionist

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even "normal" israeli zionist

even "normal" israeli zionist citizens are getting anxious and arguing back. Which is good. i'm actually having something of a dialogue with people from Israel. Yet, i've yet to hear back from two, recently.

one just sort of faded off.... and another one i think is getting blocked from a guy's youtube channel, because he doesn't want to hear that guy's zionism.

But apparently, they teach people in Israeli that Rothschild used his own money to finance israel, and it was only a small portion on the golan heights.

then i said, yeah, I guess technically it is Rothschild's money since he does own the printing presses. And we have to use his money unless if we want to go to jail for using gold and silver to pay for things.

then i succumbed to jew-baiting and said, "is that how jews think?"

then i apologized and said i would like to learn hebrew, and tried to explain the illuminati to him and that Satan wants him to abuse the Palestinians some more.

i don't know if i will hear back from him.

pretty cool though, normal zionists from israel, i think, are looking for some feedback from pro-liberty people from the west. It might be an opportunity to do some co-intel pro, ourselves.