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You are implying that the

You are implying that the internet is a result of collectivism and that could not be further from the truth. The internet is a direct result of the free market and individualism in action, there is nothing collectivist about it. Collectivism only harms, never helps, the same as affirmative action which can only breed resentment and exacerbate the problem. You say you are willing to put up with affirmative action because it helps some people? What about the rights of those you trample by doing so? Instead of inflicting racism on one group you chose to instead inflict it on another? If the law(and punishment) isnt the same for both groups, it is a collectivist law that violates the rights of one group in favor of the other, I dont care how well intentioned it is. If you dont understand that you dont understand the whole concept of liberty.