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Comment: Quite an interesting article

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Quite an interesting article

mostly rehashed instances but put together nicely. Unfortunately they neglected to mention the highest price of all we incur for the unabashed support our Government lavishes upon Israel. Creating generation after generation of oppressed individuals who have had their property seized as well as seeing their families massacred has created a force of individuals whose hatred towards the U.S. and it's citizens can never be sated. When you create enemies you can expect attacks. When you experience attacks you can expect a response from your Government. Unfortunately our Government has been infiltrated with opportunistic despots whose main goal is to undo the protections of our Constitution and to place the populace into a subject state. The 911 attacks allowed them to remove more liberties and freedoms from this nation than even they thought possible before the attack. Dollars can be recouped for all the true waste they are but freedoms, once lost, are not so easily regained.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.