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i, like you

got into silver at around $16-$17 spot several years ago. i remember getting eagles on ebay 10 at a time for like $18ea with shipping, those were the days. i have been short on funds the last two years though and have been selling silver on the spikes. unlike you however i recently sold a bunch of silver on ebay before the crash for 34+ (got $380 for one bar) and bought bitcoins @29. i have been cashing out all my bitcoin profits lately for cash and was able to buy a few grand in silver with bitcoin profits last week. wish i would have waited a week because i sold when silver was at $28 and bitcoin was in the $70's . today bitcoins float around $140.
i just got some more silver yesterday at $27.40 or $27.60 i forget. if silver goes under $26 or low $26 i will get more, i got my apmex order ready to go.

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