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There you go, making

There you go, making assumptions about people. If I'm not a Rand cultist then I must be a Rothbardian. Also, you didn't actually refute anything which has been stated earlier; just thought you might want to know.

Yes, you face a problem with financing your STATE; and the only way in which you would ever be able to do it -on any kind of continuous basis- would be to steal it from the people.

All that a 10% flat tax and a Balance Budget would do, is to have law makers created and increase different taxes as to not violate the 10% flat income tax. It will accomplish nothing. If they could only charge a 10% flat tax, then they would definitely pass a VAT. Who really gets decimated with a VAT? Certainly not the wealthy; while they may be paying more than they were accustomed to, they will not be going bankrupt just providing for their basic needs, like the middle class and the poor will be. Also, a VAT is just one possible way for the STATE to increase their theft while not violating the 10% flat income tax or the balanced budget.