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There is a problem with your

There is a problem with your math. How many of the 4,734,991 died in WWI. The 17,000 plus the over 30,000 other veterans on their way to DC, plus the countess others who didn't and couldn't go to DC, would have to be divided by the number of WWI Veterans; meaning: those who survived WWI, not the total number who served in WWI. To use the numbers in the manner which you did is blatantly false, and a bastardisation of Statistics.

Their certificate was to be redeemed in 1945, they didn't need the money in 1920, so why would they try to get money for their certificate if they didn't need the money? Also, unlike everybody else at the time, at least these people had some kind of claim to money from the Federal Government; nobody else did.

So, what does government do? Instead of providing assistance to those with some kind of claim, the government kills some of them and chases the rest away; and then the government gives money to those who had ZERO claim to anything. That makes sense.