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You seriously are ignorant of

You seriously are ignorant of reality. So, tell me; what kind of claim did the farmers have to get money in the 1930's? What about the rest of the unemployed people; what kind of claim did they have for assistance? What kind of claim did government workers have to steal what little money was in existence in the 1930's? At least the Bonus Army had a certificate -even if it wasn't redeemable for another 13 years; that is more than most people had.

Oh, and it makes sense to try and force the WWI veterans to borrow against their certificate instead of just letting the WWI Veterans sell the certificates; doesn't it. Borrow against it and pay interest on receiving a portion of your own guaranteed money, as opposed to sell the certificate and owe nothing to anybody. By the time the WWI veterans would have been done paying the loan they would have borrowed 50% of the face value of the certificate and they would have paid over 100% of face value for it; that is a scam.