Comment: Some good ideas but they are flawed

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Some good ideas but they are flawed

You can't have a government that you describe that makes bills "laws" that are voluntary to follow... how does that help anything?

A government that has a military? Who directs the military?

The whole thing is flawed from the get-go... read "The Most Dangerous Superstition" by Larken Rose.

The superstition is the belief in "authority".

I won't go into details here as you have all been brainwashed (including myself) our whole lives... but basically you can't grant rights to other individuals that you don't have yourself.. and you can't group together with others that don't have those rights to grant those rights which you don't have to some other person or group.

It seems like you are further along than most people though, in waking up from this coma that everyone is born into.