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Elizabeth Colbert Busch bio

from wikipedia-

"Elizabeth Colbert Bush is the Director of Business Development at Clemson University’s Restoration Institute,and... the sister of entertainer Stephen Colbert." She has a B.A. in Intermodal Transportation and Logistics Management. "Elizabeth Colbert Busch is married to Claus Wyman Busch III. She has three children with her ex-husband Robert Legare"

"After graduating, she completed a South Carolina State Ports Authority business development internship, and worked for Associated Maritime Industries Inc, as a liaison between the AMI and the U.S. Federal and State Governments. She then worked as the Regional Director for Sales and Marketing and the Director of Business Development at Orient Overseas Container Line, where she was responsible for international maritime relations and South Atlantic and North American sales.She left OOCL in 2008, when she was hired to be the Director of Business Development at Clemson University’s Restoration Institute, described by the Charleston Post and Courier as “the school’s corporate matchmaker” for the University’s development projects for wind turbine testing, water studies, and renewable energy."

Mark Sanford and E. Colbert Busch are both divorced. Does anyone who is ruling Mark Sanford out for his tryst want to explain the failure of E. Colbert Busch's marriage and make the case that it is somehow better? If not, I suggest that we look at the direction that each candidate would take the Country in in terms of debt, gun control, liberty, education, medical care and other issues perhaps more important than the candidates personal affairs.