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This is a great comment.

Let's not look at the situation as a whole and just deal with small chunks at first. We can build a larger picture as we check these other items off the list.

So can somebody give a believable reason why it doesn't serve the public interest release a video that clearly shows a plane hitting the Pentagon? I've racked my brain and I can't think of one. The best I could do is that perhaps they don't want other terrorists seeing how to successfully crash a plane into the building but that sounds ridiculous when said aloud.

I have seen a youtube user video where the few frames that were made available were analyzed to best show how what was in the image may have been a plane but it took a lot of squinting and head-tilting to find much confidence in that. I certainly wouldn't say I was anywhere near believing it after seeing the damage to the building.

So let's hear it. Why does it serve the public not to see that plane crashing? I'm ready to be sold.