Comment: Hatred that can never be sated you want to appease?

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Hatred that can never be sated you want to appease?

It was not until I joined the Catholic Church, where they keep family records, and I met families who have been residents of Mendocino for over 300 years by Church documents, meaning that these families were here long before CA became a state of the Union. They were Mexican, and then became Americans because of the Mexican Americans war. The Church shows us that governments come and go.

America talks about the Civil War, but says very little about the Mexican American war. Is it because America is no different than Israel, stealing and occupying the land of the Mexican People?

Maybe Americans need to practice what they preach about Israel least they continue to appear to the world no different? Just look at how Americans treat Mexicans. Talking about American's support for Israel is a red herring to cover it's own aggression against and hatred that can never be sated for Mexico?